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I’m a biologist and mom of two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. My goal is to make you smile, and your home shine!

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Art & Prints made with hand-carved stamps and Love
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Stamped designs turned into fabric!

Stamped designs turned into fabric!

Hello there!

It’s been a while! I’m so happy to be here again and I have some really exciting news and facts about my stamped designs. In case you don’t know already, my name is Mery, and I’m really into everything stamps and what you can do with them.

From decorating wrapping paper to making fun stamped...

Botanicals in red and blue

Botanicals in red and blue

Botanical wreath Love designed by My Stamped WorldBotanical print in the making – Create – designed, hand carved and hand printed by My Stamped WorldBotanical inspiration – CreateBotanical print in the making – Love – designed, hand carved Botanical inspiration – EnjoyBotanical print in the making – Love, Create, Enjoy – designed, hand carved


Happy dreamy Friday!

Happy dreamy Friday!

Hello hello!

So excited to be here, and to know that the weekend has started. Today I wanted to show you how cute this new dreamy octopus is, and how lovely this mandala turns out, matching with a few of my previous “under the sea” stamps.

I’m sure there’ll be more and new combinations to come. This...

Winter flowers

Hello there!

I really love trying new things every day. It keeps me fresh and motivated, and with that sense of discovery that we all had we were kids. It’s healthy to treat ourselves with curiosity and find those shapes and colors that trigger our minds and warm our souls.

Weekend is almost here, and snow is...


Hi there!

Happy to be back home. I mean, I haven’t traveled anywhere, but I was missing this special connection.

We are now past the Thanksgiving break, and, seems redundant but, I’m nothing but thankful! Today , my 6 year-old daughter, came up with these thoughts while having breakfast: “if we start our day by saying what...

Make your place your own

Hi there! Welcome to my home!

Imagine you have guests this evening. How would you like your home to look? Of course, amazing! But most importantly, you’d love your guests to tell you they just feel “at home”, don’t you?

And how can we possibly create that experience? I agree, probably a couple of glasses of wine...

About Me

About Me Mery Beaumont

I’m a biologist and mom to two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. I am a self-taught designer and print maker. I love hand carved stamps and everything you can do with them.  Join my journey in the search of inspiration and joy for the little things. Every design has its story!

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