About Me

I’m a biologist and mom of two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. My goal is to make you smile, and your home shine!

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Art & Prints made with hand-carved stamps and Love
Mery & Juana

Hi I’m Mery Beaumont


Ever since I can think of, I was really intrigued by stamps. Spelling a name on a card, or just playing around with different shapes and colors. Being able to repeat them into patterns, trying different variations, on different textures, creating endless possibilities.

Imagine when I first met a kit with which I could actually create my own stamps! This was such a discovery 🙂 Since then, I can only say it’s been addictive and a great pleasure, mixing precision and creativity in a fun way, and creating a diversity of compositions on both white or colored papers.

Curiosity, creativity and fun led to the design of the prints and frames you’ll find on this page. I hope you’ll like the result, and, if you want to know more about the process, please check my adventures on Instagram as well, following @mystampedworld.

I’d love to hear from you, please send me your comments, feedback and custom orders to mery@mystampedworld.com

If you’d like to learn along about how to make hand carved stamps and use them in many many projects, check out my content in Youtube, by clicking here.

Happy art making!

All the best,