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I’m a biologist and mom of two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. My goal is to make you smile, and your home shine!

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Art & Prints made with hand-carved stamps and Love

Happy Hanukkah!

Hello there!

Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday of the Lights. It’s meant for us to spread the light around us, every day, but especially at this time. But, what does it mean to spread one’s light?

For me, it means to care about the others, to show them appreciation for everything that they do for you. To gift a smile, a hug or a nice word, whenever those are needed. To be grateful, to take care of ourselves, to be happy.

This year, inspired by an invitation to hold a couple of adult arts and crafts workshops, I created this block print design. I turned the design into a lovely Hanukkah card, intentionally with a blank space in the middle, so that I (or you!) could write down a personal message or name.

Let me know in the comments if you like the cards, you can also get them here (free shipping to any US address!)

If you’d like me to lead a workshop including print making and stamp carving, contact me at mery@mystampedworld.com.

Enjoy the holidays!

Happy Hanukkah,




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About Me

About Me Mery Beaumont

I’m a biologist and mom to two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. I am a self-taught designer and print maker. I love hand carved stamps and everything you can do with them.  Join my journey in the search of inspiration and joy for the little things. Every design has its story!

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