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I’m a biologist and mom of two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. My goal is to make you smile, and your home shine!

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Crafty joy to the world!

Hello hello!

Winter break is around the corner, and that means that the year is soon coming to an end. Christmas and the holidays mood is all over, candles, lights and cozy moments with your loved ones. Soooo, before the year ends, there is a way to say how much you value their company and their being in your life: one way is baking decorated cookies, and the other… handmade cards! Yay!

Don’t you think so too? I mean, getting crafty is the best way you can engage your kiddos or even just you, your hands and your ideas coming true.

I was inspired by the thousands of lights decorating every house in the neighborhood, the city, just everywhere! I created a couple of stamps to represent a long chain of colorful lights, so I actually needed two stamps, one straight and a corner. I knew I wanted to use metallic embossing colors to get the shiny look, but was not sure if to use it for the little lights or for the message in the card.

As you see in the gallery pictures, I decided to write down the greetings with the golden embossing powder, and I’m really happy with the results! Originally I was going to carve all around the wires, but I did a trial print and loved how the little strokes around the lights looked like, so I left them! Really crazy how a design can express itself. Just listen to it when it speaks to you. Have fun creating your own!

I hope you have one more idea for this years’ holidays cards and go get crafty! Otherwise, you can always order them from my shop, clicking here.

Merry Christmas and the best wishes for the New Year!! Let me know in the comments what other inspiring messages you would add to your greeting cards? I want to hear from you!






This is how the stamps look like. I know the photo is a bit dark on the stamps, but you still get a good close up on the doodle frame. Keep it up! See you around.


Xmas lights stamps by My Stamped World
Hand carved stamps to create the doodle frame
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About Me

About Me Mery Beaumont

I’m a biologist and mom to two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. I am a self-taught designer and print maker. I love hand carved stamps and everything you can do with them.  Join my journey in the search of inspiration and joy for the little things. Every design has its story!

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