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I’m a biologist and mom of two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. My goal is to make you smile, and your home shine!

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2019: let’s do this!

Hello hello!

Happy New Year Year, everyone!

So excited to start off a new year, full of ideas and dreams, but most importantly full of action! I hear a lot from my friends, that they’d like to get crafty and explore making art, but they lack the time to do it. Well, first of all, I hear you, I’ve been there too. But, not long ago, I decided I deserved the time I wanted to spend on my art. And that was a very important first step.

Then, eventually, I started creating those moments, some minutes here, some minutes there. You don’t have to start with very time demanding projects, that most probably will end up undone. You should try something small. Again, and again. Summing up those tiny precious moments will mean a world to you when you’ll see what they turn into: your first piece of art.

Once you’ve come up with that first sketch, drawing, sculpture, painting or sewing project, feel the satisfaction. Just feel it. Observe what your time and dedication has turned into. This feeling is magical, and it’s one of the main reasons why I keep going back to my studio and make a new piece of art, a new stamp, try out a new technique, or just doodle for a while.

This simple recipe has all to do with creating the habit of doing the things that bring you joy. What a better start of the year than creating and exploring and giving yourself some precious time?

Personally, I’ve been obsessed for a while with watercolors, lettering and mixing media. This is a small start for all of it. Practicing the hand lettering with watercolors, and adding the stamped details of my loved stamps around the words (or numbers, 😉 )

Green brings us hope, blue brings us calm. Choose your project, choose your colors, choose your time.

Let’s do this!





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About Me

About Me Mery Beaumont

I’m a biologist and mom to two beautiful daughters. I’m also a curious artist and maker, I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring new results every day. I am a self-taught designer and print maker. I love hand carved stamps and everything you can do with them.  Join my journey in the search of inspiration and joy for the little things. Every design has its story!

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